Tuesday, March 2, 2010


NYC black metallers Mutilation Rites have finally finished recording a few new tracks for their highly-anticipated (at least 'round these parts) first demo, and have posted 'em on Myspace for your listening pleasure. Head on over to their site and soak in three songs' worth of suffocating, heavily distorted riffs baptized in vintage Scandinavian fire and ice, inescapably dark shards of melody, and demonically rasped vocals from New York's most promising new underground black metal band. Ya heard.

As I've said before, I caught MR live at Richmond's Heart of Winter Fest in January, and goddamn did they slay. " They brought total aural devastation, nasty with primeval riffs and impassioned vocals. They were ugly, fast, and distorted, just as a New York black metal band SHOULD be (are you listening, Liturgy?)"

And I think it goes without saying that you need to go LISTEN TO THIS FUCKING BAND.


Ulv said...

This band is great, and Malevolent Spells is hypnotizing.

Ilya said...

so, NY vs Cali?

Dan said...

this write up is awesome!

i was playing bass in MR when we came down for heart of winter fest, and i played on this recording, but sadly i had to bail before they took off for tour (i think they just came through RVA on sunday?)

anyway, thanks again for the kind words, and i'm glad i found your blog. i'll keep checking in.

also, i hate to be so shameless, but my other band Concussion just posted our EP up online, and we're playing with Deathbeds on saturday. come party!


thanks again!